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Created 29-Mar-09
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Dog Agility is a fantastic fast-paced sport that's fun for both animal and handler alike. Images in this group are from various competitions and are available for sale.

The downloadable images are pretty much "as shot" on the day with little (if any) post-processing. Where prints are ordered I clean up the image to produce the best possible printed results.


ACAC Nov09

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Created 16-Nov-09
Modified 16-Nov-09
ACAC Nov09

ACAC Sep09

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Created 21-Sep-09
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ACAC Sep09

Mangawhai Ribbon 06.09.2009

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Created 6-Sep-09
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Mangawhai Ribbon 06.09.2009

Whangarei May09

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Created 4-May-09
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Whangarei May09

ACAC Agility Mar09

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Created 25-Apr-09
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ACAC Agility Mar09